Jayhawk Classic Historical Evolution with Rock Chalk Jayhawk plate – framed

    • Each Evolution contains ALL 7 licensed historical mascot logos for the Kansas Jayhawks.
    • Image is above the back mat casting a shadow and giving the appearance of being 3D.
    • This item has a brass plate which says "Rock Chalk Jayhawk".  The other version has a plate saying "Rock Chalk Jayhawk".
    • Finished size: 37 5/8" x 9" x 7/8".
    • Printed history of the Jayhawk included.
    • MDF and clear acrylic.
    • Made in the USA.

    The Kansas Jayhawk is a mythical bird whose origin is rooted with the impassioned people who made Kansas a Free State.  The Kansas Jayhawk represents freedom with a resilient winning spirit to fly free!

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